Let's burn some time in the meetings

When you’re a developer and you attend meetings every day you get the feeling of the wasted time.

Instead of writing code you are in the meetings.
Instead of finishing X tasks per day you finish 50% of tasks due the time spent in the meetings.
Instead of spending most productive time in the morning on development you are attending the meetings.

Meetings all the time:

  • welcome
  • daily
  • stand up
  • weekly
  • bi-weekly
  • monthly
  • sprint planning
  • 1&1
  • department

No fun to have so many meetings. :no_good: :shit: :thumbsdown: :angry: :confounded: :imp:

Any meeting web page

Me and my colleagues were overloaded with meetings and had almost 0 time to do actual development. Those days we created a repository any-meeting. Purpose of that repository was to have a place where we can burn some time after the meeting attendance.

We started with project issues, where we elaborated the absurd of having so many meetings. issues

Then one of us created a dashboard with tickets for meetings about meetings. dashboard

Round out the picture, we created a simple web page where everyone could track some time burned in a meeting. wasted

Thanks everyone for the contribution!

Andrei Raifura, Ilie Ghirici, Egor Neliuba, Oleg Anghelov: guys, let’s have a meeting! :ghost:
And please don’t forget to track burned time on any-meeting web page.

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